Retro Mobile Pack


A pack of 3 Mobile Presets that create a warm, brown, faded tone to achieve that retro look!

These presets are based off my Retro Desktop Presets, and have been reformulated to work on mobile phone photos! You only need the free Adobe Lightroom CC App on your phone to use the Presets, and a computer to download them.

Once downloaded, watch the Tutorial on how to Install on your phone, and some tips on how to use them!

Scroll down to test the Presets!

– Once purchased, you will be able to download the individual presets & tutorial video straight to your phone!
– These presets are made for Lightroom MOBILE App, and developed for mobile phone images.
– All photos are not alike, and these presets may require some tweaking after applying to your photo.
– You should have a basic understanding of Lightroom Mobile settings to get the best results.
– These presets are made by and copyright Sarah Loven, and are not for resale or redistribution.
NO refunds/returns whatsoever, because this is a digital product. 
By purchasing, you will have legally agreed to our Terms, stating no refunds/payment reversals/paypal claims. This is a binding contract. Any breach of contract will result in legal action being taken.

By purchasing, you acknowledge that you’ve read & agree to the above Terms, and the Terms of Use Page.




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Retro Mobile Pack











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