Summer Villa Pack | Desktop


7 Lightroom Presets inspired by medium format film photography and the work of Jose Villa. These presets provide bright, summery, and airy colors and tones to your photos, with film grain and the look of Fuji Pro 400H film.

These Lightroom Presets work best on back lit, daylight, shade, dusk, and colorful scenery photos. Especially photos with lots of greens and yellows, as in nature.

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– You can NOT download the preset files directly onto your phone from the site. You must download to a computer first.
– These presets are made for editing on Lightroom DESKTOP, and the files will NOT work on mobile devices.
– These presets are developed for DSLR RAW images, and may not appear as intended on jpeg images. NOT recommended for mobile images!
– All photos are not alike, and these presets may require some tweaking after applying to your photo.
– You should have a basic understanding of Lightroom and camera settings to get the best results.
– These presets are made by and copyright Sarah Loven, and are not for resale or redistribution.
NO refunds/returns whatsoever, because this is a digital product. 
By purchasing, you will have legally agreed to our Terms, stating no refunds/payment reversals/paypal claims. This is a binding contract. Any breach of contract will result in legal action being taken.

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