Sunkissed Pack | Desktop


ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH SEPTEMBER! This professional preset comes with 5 different effects for all types of photos. Sunkissed presets create a very happy warm tone, with a slight HDR and wide angle lens affect that’s extremely popular among fashion and travel photographers/bloggers! Make any photo feel better than real life.

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– You can NOT download the preset files directly onto your phone from the site. You must download to a computer first.
– These presets are made for editing on Lightroom DESKTOP, and the files will NOT work on mobile devices.
– These presets are developed for DSLR RAW images, and may not appear as intended on jpeg images. NOT recommended for mobile images!
– All photos are not alike, and these presets may require some tweaking after applying to your photo.
– You should have a basic understanding of Lightroom and camera settings to get the best results.
– These presets are made by and copyright Sarah Loven, and are not for resale or redistribution.
NO refunds/returns whatsoever, because this is a digital product. 
By purchasing, you will have legally agreed to our Terms, stating no refunds/payment reversals/paypal claims. This is a binding contract. Any breach of contract will result in legal action being taken.

By purchasing, you acknowledge that you’ve read & agree to the above Terms, and the Terms of Use Page.














Sunkissed – Lighter




Sunkissed – Darker



Sunkissed – Faded




Sunkissed – Warm Pastel